626 night Market X POPeye 2019

AUGUST 10TH at Santa Anita Race Track in Arcadia, California

The official celebration of our SPRING DROP featuring a curated line-up of artists we’ve worked with in the past.

Check out the artists who will be performing!


Leon Zai

US born and Birmingham, UK raised singer / songwriter, Leon Zai creates a mellow blend of Pop, RnB and soul in his distinct and smooth sound. Leon grew up singing in church and started writing songs at the age of 16. By the age of 18, Leon knew it was time to try and create a career in music left the UK to pursue his dreams of being a singer in Los Angeles California. After separating from a label and graduating from UC Berkeley, Leon now resides in LA where he is currently studying at the 1500 Sound Academy and focusing on, writing for other artists. Heavily influenced by 90's / modern R&B, Soul and Gospel, Leon aims to make music that will make people feel uplifted and less alone.

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Kelleia is an interdisciplinary artist from Los Angeles, California. Her music unearths the silenced stories of her ancestors and pries open intergenerational trauma, transmogrifying haunts into iridescent gems meant to reverberate a new narrative for the unsung Korean woman. With the understanding that the body is a home to Spirit, Kelleia’s music is a sensory intermediary between the visible and invisible dimensions. She sings so that her soul can speak.

In her young adulthood, Kelleia studied yoga, meditation, Central/South American and Korean shamanism, and nature-based spiritual environmentalism. Born in Long Beach, California, the only child of doctor-lawyer immigrant parents, Kelleia solidified her creative internal compass early on with weekly dance classes, musical theatre rehearsals, piano lessons, and choir practice. As a child, she weathered her mom’s Mariah Carey’s Music Box CD and relished weekly Sunday church service for the communal nature of singing worship music. Her own music took shape after being gifted a harmonium, with her earliest songs comprised of snippets captured in her phone under Ecuadorian waterfalls and while nestled amongst the vegetation of Costa Rican farms after ceremonial sweat lodges.

The artist born Kelley Kim holds a Master’s degree in City Design and Social Science from the London School of Economics and a B.A. in Urban Design and Architecture Studies from New York University. She is a certified yoga teacher and has over 20 years experience as a dancer. Billboard calls her a “producer everyone should know”, and Kelleia has been featured on “The Future is Female” Spotify playlist, curated by Madame Gandhi. She has performed at Lightning in a Bottle Festival, the Hotel Cafe and Beat Cinema in Los Angeles, and continues to tour and DJ regularly.

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The name ESAE is a play on words involving the first two syllables of my Korean name. 이세 (pronounced ee-say) means second generation, and is an integral part of my identity. As a second generation Korean American, I walk a fine line between two very different worlds and cultures, but often feel like I don’t belong fully to either. I hope that my music can be a dock you can rest at for a little while before you continue sailing through life.

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after hours

A group of three artists (2 vocalists and 1 producer) from Los Angeles who's city, upbringing and Korean-American background inform their unique perspective, energy and style that contribute to their visceral and enigmatic sound. The group originally coined themselves After Hours because each member worked 9 to 5 jobs, but spent every other waking hour giving their energy to music, pursuing their joined passion and perfecting their craft. Their subject matter ranges from Ratchet to Righteous, with lyrics and beats that span from ignorant trap to heartbreak to conscious self-reflection. The two vocalists (AYDIOSLIO and YOSO) find a great balance and dichotomy in style, with aggressive energetic tones from AYDIOSLIO coupled with smooth melodic vocals from YOSO.

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tribe 20:4

Tribe 20:4 has many vocalists and producers in our collective. Some of our members come from all over the globe but we have a few who consistently vibe with each other and create some of our singles. Johnny Hikari, Cashy, and Dane Amar are a few of our rappers/singers but these three live in San Diego and consistently create with production from “pavenb.” (another Tribe 20:4 member who’s a nearby local) The four have a vibrant synergy and frequently attack songs with a versatile harmony. The fusion range from laid back vibes, R&B, to heavy bangers.

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troi blank

For better or worse, the new generation of artists live and breathe the internet. Hence the collective name, RAISED BY THE INTERNET is a brainchild and artist collective from the r/brockhampton subreddit. Representing their team, Troi Blank is an artist of bewildering talent with pockets of endless beats and melodies.

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Azure is a hip-hop rapper/producer hailing from the Bay Area, known for his unique sound and complex rhyming style. A member of musical collective the Heartbreak Gang (HBK Gang), he is currently a full-time recording artist and touring DJ for IAMSU!

As a Bay Area native, Azure got his musical start at Youth Radio's broadcast program. In 2013 he released his first solo project Mint Condition, followed by Leap Year in 2016. His latest album, Godspeed is out now.

Azure has worked with the likes of Dumbfoundead, Kehlani, Mike Gao, IAMSU!, Murs, and many more. He's also garnered the attention of major hip-hop publications such as Complex, The Source, Mass Appeal and OkayPlayer.

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Instagram: @azuresworld

Twitter: @azuresworld

Youtube: Youtube.com/AzureTV

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/azuresworld/

Stream Azure's Godspeed: https://fanlink.to/Azure-Godspeed