Meet Shon Hill, Long Beach’s New Rap Don

By Kelsey Tang


Home to hip-hop figures like Snoop Dogg and Vince Staples, the flourishing neighborhood of Long Beach continues to yield a number of underground artists. We touch base with Shon Hill, the self-proclaimed “overly optimistic don,” to learn more about his music and story.

What distinguishes Shon Hill from other rappers is his altruistic perspective on the impact of hip-hop: “I’m not one of them people that say if it weren’t for rapping, I’d be in jail type of person. We’re gonna be creative, find different opportunities. I want to take this so big, we can create charities.”

While having grown up on a dangerous block of the neighborhood, the “Do Dirty” rapper continues to funnel positive energy through his music. “We don’t know what we’re doing,” explains Shon Hill, “so we’re gonna take every L there is to pave the road for other people just like us.”

Check out our interview with Shon Hill down below.

Edward Chao